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Natural cookware done right

It all starts with the raw materials

kitch.in works directly with manufacturers and artisans to source the finest raw materials to ensure quality right from the get go, resulting in high performance natural cookware that will last you a lifetime.

Perfection in design

Extensive research ensures that your natural cookware is designed to be functional. Rest assured that every item that leaves our factory is hand seasoned by our highly skilled crafts(wo)men.

Customer is queen

We strive hard to make sure your experience with us is delightful and to ensure that your product functions as promised. Now, you might wonder who our kings are. Our kings are the crafts(wo)men who work hard to bring you these amazing products.

Natural cookware built to last

Natural cookware for everyone. Get authentic natural cookware that is ready to use. All our products are hand-seasoned using traditional method and needs no effort from your end. They call it "Plug-and-play" these days.

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kitch.in is special, here's why

The Vision

In 2015, a team came together with the vision to bring back a piece of health and traditional living into today’s modern home.

Built to last

You need to experience to believe it. We work hard to make sure your cookware is worthy of being handed down through generations.

Meet the makers

Dexterity at its best. We, at Kitch.in engage the best crafts(wo)men in the business to ensure that generations of expertise reach your kitchen.

Social impact

We are doing our bit to make the world a better place. Hand crafted natural cookware as a craft is on a path to extinction and we want to save it.

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