Cast Iron & Clay Cookware Basic...


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This combo set consists of:
Cast iron kadai Small (Volume: 1500 ml | Diameter: 9.5 inch | Weight: 1.8 Kg)
Cast Iron Dosa Pan 11″ (Large- Diameter: 11 inch | Weight: 2.2 kg)
Clay Pot Medium (Volume: 2000 ml | Diameter: 10 inch)

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SKU CI1024

    At, We believe in taking baby steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. And what better way to start than with our Cast Iron & Clay ware basic set? This set includes three essential pieces for any kitchen: a natural, traditionally seasoned cast iron Kadai, a cast iron Dosa pan, and a Clay pot.

    Cooking with our cast iron and clay cookware has countless benefits. Not only do these materials distribute heat evenly, but they also add a unique depth of flavor to your dishes that you won’t find with other types of cookware. Plus, using natural materials means that you’ll be avoiding the harmful chemicals and toxins found in many non-stick and synthetic cookware options.

    We’re confident that once you start using our Cast Iron & Clay ware basic set, you’ll fall in love with cooking all over again. The natural flavors and textures that our cookware brings out in your dishes are truly something special. So why not take the first step towards a healthier, more satisfying life today? Order your set now and get ready to experience the delicious difference of cooking with cast iron and clay.

    Weight 9 kg
    Dimensions 34 × 34 × 14 in