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Soap Stone Dosa Kallu

Soap Stone Dosa Kallu


Recreate the taste of your grandmothers using these traditional crafted natural stone dosa kallu.  More than one reason why Indian kitchen proudly have this piece of art. Its remarkable heat retention will help food cook evenly and quickly, rich in minerals, unique colour, simple and easy care and generations to last!

Variety of dosa’s can be made with smearing oil or ghee before pouring the batter. Roti’s and paratta’s as well will have beautiful finish. Nutritious dense healthy eating is guaranteed.

  • Home seasoned using traditional methods by our self help group of women, so it is ready for use.
  • Diameter : 9.7″ | Weight: 2 Kg


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Product Description

Crafted from natural stone, this cookware will assist you in energy-efficient cooking and will be part of your kitchen for generations. Soapstone cookware with flat base for use in modern kitchen. Home seasoned and tested for immediate use.

Soapstone is a talc-schist, which is a type of metamorphic rock. It is largely composed of the mineral talc and is thus rich in magnesium. Soapstone is commonly believed to have a soothing, balancing effect while creating a positive, calming energy. Soapstone is valued for it the way it helps one prepare for changes in life. It is a soft, dense, heat-resistant rock that has a high specific heat capacity. These properties make it helpful for a wide variety of cookware.

Origin of the product: TamilNadu. In India the use of soapstone utensils are known even before 3rd century B.C

Care instructions:

The soapstone should never be heated empty and should never be kept in the refrigerator directly when it is hot. It should be brought to room temperature before it is kept in the refrigerator. Cleaning soapstone utensils are also easy and it doesn’t need heavy scrubbing. It can be washed with diluted cleaning liquid & a sponge with a mild warm water. Keep it in a warm place to dry.  Grandmothers do apply little oil after drying the cookware to keep it moist.


To make your dosa on a soapstone dosa kallu, take a onion and cut into half . Dip in oil and  grease the pan before pouring dosa mav. Use gingelly oil or peanut oil for the yummy taste. For more details on receipes visit our facebook page.

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Weight 2 kg


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