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About Us

Ever wondered why food tasted so good back in the day?

A combination of love, farm fresh food and natural cookware is the reason. We may not be able to provide you with farm fresh food, but rest assured we will provide you with authentic natural cookware and a whole lot of love.

The GetKitch.in story

In 2015, a team came together with the vision to bring back a piece of health, traditional living into today’s modern home. The Village Fair, one of the earliest providers of natural cookware set the ball rolling. What was an idea has now transformed into a movement. Getkitch.in is the result of that movement. Getkitch.in works with craftswomen and men from across the country to bring you the best of natural cookware. We make sure that each item you buy from us is hand crafted/seasoned using traditional methods.
Getkitch.in also provides a livelihood to dozens of artisans and craftswomen/men who help bring out the best in your cookware. Traditional hand seasoning techniques is a dying art, and we at Getkitch.in are doing our best to keep this alive.

Meet the makers

The magic touch of an experienced hand is hard to find these days. Every piece of cookware that leaves our factory has been crafted by workers with generations of expertise behind them. This makes sure that you have a seamless experience while using our natural cookware.


The fine quality that you experience while using your cookware is a result of attention to detail at every step of manufacturing. This starts with procuring high quality raw materials. Our partner manufacturers use the best and time tested manufacturing methods to ensure that your cookware is worthy of being handed down through generations. We hand season your cookware; some say this is unnecessary, but we believe hand seasoning elevates your cookware to a league of its own.

Social Impact

This isn’t your typical good deed of the day. Every product that is bought from GetKitch.in contributes to the livelihood of crafts(wo)men whose skills are at present undervalued. These are the same skills that enabled us to eat healthy in the past. GetKitch.in aims to save these various crafts from certain extinction and simultaneously help those who deliver these great products.

Getkitch.in has collaborated with the NGO, The Art Outreach Society, which works with marginalized women. TAOS works in the field of mental health through art therapy to support women with histories of abuse, abandonment etc., and live in destitute homes and organizations. The third phase of TAOS work concerns with skill development and economic support to women and here in Getkitch.in connects with TAOS.