Bamboo Dum Biryani Maker


Nature has its own way of storing things  for us , we only need to find an innovative way of using every bit of it. In old times, they used bamboo for steaming different  variety of food. We even cook food by using bamboo (steamed rice cake or puttu. Check out our Bamboo puttu kutti (steamer).

The environmentally friendly features of bamboo are the main reason why bamboo kitchen utensils are extremely popular and widely used from the ancient times. Bamboo a highly renewable, eco-friendly resource. It grows faster than any wood and can be grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.

Biriyani Dum (cook in steam) kutti helps you not only make your biriyani delicious by retaining all the flavors intact and  nutritious but also helps you to get the laying of the food. Layering of the food is important when it comes to dum. This brings out all the flavors unanimously.

Serves for 2 people in one set

Components of the products: Bamboo steamer comes along with the coir around it for easy usage

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    Bamboo Dum Biryani Maker

    Natural tubular structure of  bamboo with one closed end  and wider mouth helps to fill the pre cooked  rice and vegetable mix or per cooked rice and non veg in layers and steam.  Steam is not escaped from any side but only through the open end of the bamboo , makes the dum cooking easier and less time consuming. Open end of the bamboo tube has to be closed with the lid to keep the steam flowing into the food to cook well. The coconut shell disc (part of the product) needs to be placed inside  the closed end to avoid food particles getting stuck at the end of the bamboo steamer.

    Detailed Description:

    • Traditionally handcrafted cookware.
    • Seasoned and ready to use. The bamboo steamer is cleaned, seasoned and are ready for use. Just wash and start using.

    Benefits of cooking in Bamboo

    • Bamboo is a very versatile product
    • All natural, toxin free cookware.


    Weight 3.23 kg
    Dimensions 31 × 31 × 9.5 in