Black Clay Pot (Chatti)



Crafted to perfection and seasoned with love, this clay pot is as versatile as it gets. Be it a traditional Kerala meen curry (fish curry) or authentic dals/sambar or classic French ratatouille, infuse the goodness of earth in your food and slow cook your way to health with this unique earthenware. Bring back an era of traditional cooking and wellness every time you cook!

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    Black Clay Pots

    • 100% natural, eco-friendly ; Individually seasoned and ready to use.
    • A unique, earthy flavour that no other type of cookware can give you.
    • Slow, even, delicate cooking that packs in all the flavours and aroma.
    • Uniform circulation of heat and moisture through the pot that keeps in all the sumptuousness.
    • Infuses a punch of minerals in every dish and balances out PH levels in your food, which makes these pots the perfect choice for your family.

    The pot comes in three sizes

    • Volume: 1000 ml | Diameter: 9.5 inch | Depth: 3 inch | Weight: 1.5 Kg
    • Volume: 2000 ml | Diameter: 10 inch | Depth: 3.5 inch | Weight: 1.75 Kg
    • Volume: 2500 Ml | Diameter: 11 inch | Depth: 4 inch | Weight: 1.95 Kg

    How is your cookware prepared:

    • Suffused with the goodness of clay from the heart of Kerala.
    • Soaked in starch water for 3 to 4 days to get rid of the odour of clay.
    • Scrubbed clean to remove dust and impurities.
    • Fired in a wood oven to close pores. It is  well fired to withstand more heat during cooking. Extra firing gives a black colour to clay
    • Oiled and Sun Dried.
    • Heated with a coating of vegetable oil.

    Care Manual provided

    Weight 3.24 kg
    Dimensions N/A

    10" Medium, 9.5" Small, 11" Large