Cast Iron Skillet (Frying Pan)


Get that perfect sear on your steak and just the right crunch on your veggies with this cast iron skillet. The best part is, that the longer use the skillet, the better your food will taste!

The raw materials used are tested for impurities before going in for production and the final product is tested for durability and quality. We further hand-season your product to make sure it is ready to use. Be assured that your skillet will surpass anything out there (pre-seasoned or otherwise) in terms of quality and enhance your cooking experience.

  • Toxic-free and safe to use
  • Hand-seasoned using traditional methods
  • No further seasoning required. Ready to use
  • Price is inclusive of shipping
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    Cast Iron Skillet

    Cast iron gets screaming hot in just a few seconds and stays hot for a long time, which makes it the ideal vessel to cook meat and veggies in a way that locks in the natural juices and flavour and makes your dish succulent and out-of-this-world delicious!

    Detailed Description:

    • Toxic-free and safe to use
    • Hand-seasoned using traditional methods
    • No further seasoning required. Ready to use.
    • Price is inclusive of shipping

    Available in 7 different sizes:

    • Cast Iron Skillet 6″ – Diameter: 6 inch | With handle: 10 inch | Depth: 1.3 inch | Weight: 0.5 Kg | Volume: 400 ml
    • Cast Iron Skillet 8″ – Diameter: 8 inch | With handle: 11.5 inch | Depth: 1.2 inch | Weight: 0.7 Kg | Volume: 500 ml
    • Cast Iron Skillet 10″ – Diameter: 10 inch | With handle: 14 inch | Depth: 1.5 inch | Weight: 1.5 Kg | Volume: 800 ml
    • Cast Iron Skillet 12″ – Diameter: 12 inch | With handle: 18 inch | Depth: 1.5 inch | Weight: 3 Kg | Volume: 1500 ml

    Benefits of cooking in a cast iron vessel:

    • 100% natural, Eco-friendly goodness.
    • Chemical-free alternative to nonstick pans, which has harmful PFCs (perfluorocarbons).
    • Requires very less oil – Hear, hear all health enthusiasts.
    • Fortifies your food with vital iron content – say goodbye to iron deficiencies ladies!
    • Can be used on the stove, in the oven, over a fire … a must have in your survival kit!
    • Sturdy as can be – engine blocks are built with cast iron, aren’t they

     Every one of your cast iron vessels is ready for use:

    • Suffused with rich iron nutrients.
    • Soaked in starch water for 3 to 4 days
    • Scrubbed clean to remove dust and impurities.
    • Heated and seasoned with multiple coatings of vegetable oil.
    • Packed with love

    You will receive a details care manual along with your order. Follow this and your cast iron Skillet can be passed down through generations.

    Weight 1.83 kg
    Dimensions N/A

    6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch